User Experience (UX) research is the process of discovering the behaviors, motivations and needs of your customers through various qualitative and quantitative methods. We help you Explore what is possible, Discover new opportunities and Measure your success.


Uncovers customer needs, motivations, and context of use.


Who is our target audience?

What do we know about the market?

What hypothesis do we have?

What research do we already have?

What is the general area of focus?


What We Do

·      Clickstream analysis, heat maps and eye tracking to understand the current audience journey

·      Stakeholder interviews and workshops focused on alignment, prioritization, success measures

·      Personas development and journey mapping to measure the brand promise across touchpoints

·      Survey designs and survey analysis to gather qualitative and/or quantitative data to better understand our target

·      Contextual inquiries to understand the target audience’s mental model in context of the solution


Identify opportunities to improve experiences across the brand.


Evaluate the products, services, features or prototype with actual customers.

Observer, ask questions, and learn.

Recruit participants, develop the plan, facilitate the study, analyzing the results, and share the findings and recommendations.


What We Do

·      Comparative and competitive analysis to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement

·      Early concept testing to vet assumptions and inform requirements

·      Card sorting and tree testing to ensure content terminology, grouping and hierarchy are correct

·      Iterative, formative testing to continuously validate direction and course correct as the design evolves


Continuously measure, continuously improve.


Evaluate features, products and services against repeatable protocols that aligns with key performance indicators.


What We Do

·      Heuristic evaluations against usability principles to identify potential usability issues.

·      Formal usability testing on final designs prior to development

·      User Assisting Testing to observe actual customers in beta

·      Summative usability testing after release to measure usability requirements and inform the next release

·      Multivariate and champion-challenger testing to continuously improve the experience

·      Google HEART framework evaluation for large scale analytics