During the Strategy phase, we will work with you to better understand your business goals and requirements. We can help with better defining your strategy, goals and objectives, too. We will align with your brand strategy, define our success metric and usability needs.


During the Discover phase, we will conduct competitive analysis (as needed), evaluate your current solution, audit content, conduct surveys (if needed) and develop our usability plan.


During the Analysis phase, we will review your current personas or help you update or develop new personas. Plot storyboards, construct workflows, create experience maps and perform user research (as needed).


During the Design phase, we will cultivate mood boards (if necessary), create site maps, construct prototypes, develop wireframes and conduct formative usability on designs as we iterate.


Once in production, we are happy to support the production team and conduct summative usability to measure how well we met our business objective and met our usability goals.