Design Strat Ops Process

Design Strategy

We help you determining, developing and delivering your design strategic objectives, measures, metrics KPIs and initiatives.


Experience Strategy Scorecard and KPIs Plan

It is essential to put your experience design solutions into the context of the market problems they solve, the business objectives they support, and the customer and user needs they meet. Using a scorecard helps organizations balance and achieve their strategic objectives across Financial, Customer, Processes, and Learning and People.


Persona Development

Personas are a stand-in for a unique group of people who share common goals. They are fictional representatives—archetypes based on the users’ behaviors and attitudes. Personas give you a common language to talk meaningfully about your customers. They help you to keep on the right targeted audience and build empathy for your customers.


Innovation Leadership

Leaders so often unwittingly stamp out innovation, while trying to coach their product teams to be their best.  Innovation Leadership is a specialized skillset and mindset.  This program helps leaders become great Innovation leaders that create the right environment and enable their teams’ innovation success.

Design Operations

We help you determine where Design best fits in your organization or how to grow it to the next level.


Customer Journey Mapping

Your customers are having a journey across all your channels regardless if you are managing it. Customer Journey Maps are a tool to understand your business from your customer’s perspective to improve your customer experience. They help you to understand how customers interact with you today and identify improvement opportunities.


Service Design Blueprint

Where Customer Journey Maps illustrate the omni- channel experience of your customer in your “front-stage” (visible to customer) and “back-stage” (supporting processes), Service blueprints helps to define your “behind-the-scenes” process and technology across departments to support the experience design.


Innovation Culture Assessment

We look at your leadership behaviors, product and strategic measures, design thinking practice, emotional environment, and organization vision to assess what you should continue, start, and stop in order to drive more successful innovation.  The outcome is a prioritized list of actions to take in order to improve, and of course a detailed report explaining my findings and their impact on the business.

Design Process

We help you integrate Design with Marketing, Product, Lean Technology and Agile Development.


User Experience Design Architecture and Oversight

We are dedicated to the advancement of design thinking, innovation and customer engagement. We will help you with your design strategy, goals, and direction to deliver innovative solutions with best-in-class experiences to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy that creates sustainable long-term revenue.


User Experience and Agile Integration

We help you cover the basics of Agile development and how User Experience (UX) best serves this development process. We help you with the definitions, activities, tasks and deliverables of the Agile and UX processes including hand-offs and best practices.


Design Thinking Training

Design Thinking is a set of methods and principles that drives innovation.  Leaders and teams need design thinking skill to consistently deliver solutions that people love and buy.  We teach leaders and teams the mindsets and skills needed to become great innovators.  We don’t just offer a workshop to check the box, but ensure the skills are adopted and used by our clients on real work.

Branding Services

We help with your Marketing, Business and Web strategy, design, development and more.

Marketing, Business & Web Strategy

Marketing business and operations planning, SEO (Search Engine Optimizations), PPC (Pay Per Click), Video Marketing and Social Media strategy, and copywriting services.

Web Design & Development

Front-end design, back-end development, and e-commerce integration including video motion graphics.

Logo Design, Illustration, Print and Photography

Custom logo illustration, corporate identification packages, branding manuals, infographics, marketing collateral, photographic services.

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