Service blueprint is an operational tool that describes the nature and the characteristics of the service interaction in enough detail to verify, implement and maintain it. It is a diagram that displays the process functions “above” and “below” the line of visibility to the customer: all the touchpoints and the backstage processes are documented and aligned to the customer experience.


Source: Nielsen Norman Group -

Van Tyne Group will work with your leadership team to develop your service blueprint by:

  1. Based on CJM, determine the departments that need to be involved in developing service blueprint.
  2. Working with departments, walk through the processes, handoffs, shared technology that are necessary and initial measures for success – develop service blueprint
  3. Review blueprint with internal stakeholders and domain experts for feedback - revise plan as necessary
  4. Develop workgroups to revise current department communication, processes, and shared technology
  5. Implement desired changes
  6. Measure success and report on regular basis



If we have personas and a journey map, then we can easily determine who needs to participate and develop a “straw man” map for the workshop. The workshop can run about a day. Developing the final blueprint can be a few days with follow up reviews.



Initial Service Blueprint

Final Service Blueprint

Findings and Recommendation report

Prioritized plan