Personas are generalized representations of your ideal customers. They are a tool to better understand your customers’ goals, frustration, pain points and what delights them about your brand. Persona help us to attract, retain and develop a lifetime relationship with our customers.


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Van Tyne Group will work with your leadership team to develop and define personas:

  1. Review current market segment data – determine if more data or research is needed to develop the personas.
  2. Work with leadership to determine and assemble our persona development team – representatives from all business units that have contact with the customers - Sales, Marketing, Services, Product, Technology – whatever makes sense for your business.
  3. Facilitate a proto-persona workshop – brainstorming session with the team to develop proto-personas.
  4. Interview customers that match the proto-personas – create profiles and update your personas
  5. Develop Persona cards, posters, etc. and socialize with teams.



The proto-persona workshop takes about a half day, depending on how complex the target audience may be. For each proto-persona, we need to interview five actual customers or prospect that match – that is about one hour per interview. There is some prep work and post-production for each step of the process.



Proto-Persona presentation and workshop artifacts

Persona evaluation forms, scripts, analysis report

Persona prototype designs for cards, posters, etc. to be developed by marketing talent