Focused on your organization’s business goals, we work with you to create a custom on-site, interactive workshops that facilitates your teams through step-by-step best innovation practices. These workshops are designed to build a more innovative and collaborative culture within your organization, along with filling your pipeline with new ideas and strategies to pursue.

Van Tyne Group will work with your leadership team to develop your innovation process and skills:

  1. Review your organization’s current perspective on innovation and how you see it fit your strategy and business objectives.
  2. Work with leadership to determine who will participate in the innovation workshop. It is recommended to have cross-functional, diverse representatives from all business units – Sales, Marketing, Services, Product, Technology – whatever makes sense for your business.
  3. Innovation workshop – walk the attendees through the basic of innovation, design thinking and people-centered design. Explore a real, current problem that your organization needs to solve and apply these principles to solve the problem.
  4. Document the problem statement and proposed solution. Determine success metrics for the organization and target audience.
  5. Execute the solution.

Reviewing current organization’s perspective on innovation usually only take a few hours depending how elaborate the documentation may be. The innovation workshop takes about a half day to a full day, depending on the size of the group and complexity of the problem we are solving. Document the problem statement, proposed solution, determining success metrics for the organization and target audience can be accomplished in the workshop or as a separate exercise with key stakeholders. There may be a few meetings to review and finalize the plan. You may elect to have continue oversight or check-ins when executing your first solution.

Innovation plan for specific problem