This assessment is an in-depth assessment of your organization’s current innovation accelerators and decelerators.  Multi-disciplinary research is conducted at every level of your organization to determine what you should continue, start, and stop doing to consistently innovate on new products, services, or markets. Includes a prioritized roadmap to get to the innovation outcomes you are looking for.

Van Tyne Group will assess your cultural innovation across four categories:

  1. Leadership. Leaders have a dramatic ripple effect on innovation throughout and organization. We will look at: clarity of purpose; commitment to initiatives; and openness to diverse opinions among other factors.
  2. Awareness. The process of gaining share of mind. We will determine the level awareness of your innovation program: do they know it exists? How it works? What results it delivers?
  3. Employee engagement. Engagement makes employee’s creativity and insight available to the innovation program. How do employees feel about: acceptance to participate; contributions are taken seriously; and participation is a positive experience whatever the outcome.
  4. Innovation governance. Innovation governance is the process of turning ideas into action. We will be assessing how employees: understand how they will address ideas generated by employees; ensure innovation doesn’t fall through the gaps; and create bases for analyzing performance and identifying fixes where needed.