Generally speaking, the goal of generative research is to provide understanding, goals, design pillars, areas of opportunity, and areas of innovation all of which will feed into a strategy for a product, service or feature.

In order for the research to be successful, we start with some questions such as:

Who are our users?

What do we know about the market?

What hypothesis do we have?

What research do we already have?

What is the general area(s) of focus?

We believe the best way to start a generative research project is to collaborate with the client to understand what questions we need answered. We can do this in a couple of ways. One approach could be stakeholder interviews. Stakeholder interviews are 1-1 individual interviews between us and members of the client team. Another approach is stakeholder workshop(s). In the workshop(s) we focus on alignment, prioritization, success, and team-building exercises. In tandem stakeholder, interviews and workshops produce great results.

Generative research often includes some combination of the following: Trends in the market, user interviews, and quantitative follow up.


Typically, the research takes between 1.5 and 6 months.


Depending on the need, they may include; participant screener, session guide, participant profiles, topline, final report, journey maps, personas, survey designs, survey output, workshop design, workshop output, opportunity analysis, comparative and competitive analysis.


User and Stakeholder Interviews

Ethnographic Research

Contextual Inquiry

Diary Studies

Comparative Analysis

Jobs to be Done