It is essential to put your solutions into the context of the market problems they solve, the business objectives they support, and the customer needs they meet. Using a scorecard helps organizations balance and achieve their strategic objectives across Financial, Customer, Processes, and Learning and People.


Source: Van Tyne Group

Van Tyne Group will work with your leadership team to develop and define your scorecard:

  1. Review current business objectives.
  2. Scorecard workshop (objectives) – one ½ day session to review current strengths and opportunities to determine experience design objectives.
  3. Scorecard workshop (measures and initiatives) one ½ day session to develop your objectives’ measures, metrics and initiatives. (It is recommended to do this on two separate days to ‘sleep on it’)
  4. Develop your strategy scorecard for distribution.


Reviewing current business objectives usually only take a few hours depending how elaborate the documentation may be. The scorecard objective workshop takes about a half day, depending on how complexity of the objectives. The scorecard measure and initiative workshop usually takes about half a day depending on complex the objectives turned out. Developing the final scorecard only takes a couple hours. There may be a few meetings to review and finalize the scorecard and develop a plan to share it with the rest of the organization.



Strategy scorecard