Customer Journey Maps are a diagram that illustrates the steps your customers go through in engaging with your company, its products, and services. The journey map is a tool to measure your customers’ satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy to create sustainable long-term revenue. Journey maps help us understand what our customers do, think, and feel, to identifying barriers and solutions to make their lives better.


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Van Tyne Group will work with your leadership team to develop your customer journey map by:

  1. With your target persona in mind, review current CRM, customer workflow and any other customer data to develop initial “strawman” journey map with internal customer experts.
  2. Based on target persona for the journey map, determine the best clients to invite to a workshop. Criteria determined by persona.
  3. CJM workshop – working with selected clients, walk them through the journey phases, activities and touchpoints. Explore what they are doing, thinking and feeling at every touchpoint. Determine measures and metric for success.
  4. Conduct analysis of insights from workshop to determine findings and recommendation
  5. Develop a prioritized list of initiatives based on findings and recommendations


Reviewing customer data and determining which customers attend the workshop can take a few days, depending on how much data there is, access, etc. The workshop is a full day plus prep. Data analysis and developing the findings and recommendations takes a few days.


Initial journey map

Final journey map

Findings and Recommendation report

Prioritized plan