Understanding Customer Experience: ANSYS


ANSYS engaged us to help align the CRM roadmap initiatives and underlying design with the customers expectations and needs. The Executive Charter specifically charged the CX project with helping them gain insights into dissolving siloed stages across the customer journey, as well as gain better insights into cross-functional process, tools, and KPIs to shift to a customer-centric culture.

Services Provided

  • Planning & Segmentation: Discovery Meetings with Stakeholders; Formulation of Mapping Session Facilitation Guide; Primary Segment Profile Developed; Customer Recruitment Process for Mapping Session; Customer Lifecycle Phase Development; Key “Swim Lanes” Identified for Mapping; Mapping Session Location, Materials, and Day / Time
  • Data Gathering & Persona Development: Persona Derived from Segment Profile; Review existing data — web analytics, surveys & other data sources that reveal how customers interact with the brand; Touchpoint Inventory Established; KPI’s identified for “Listening Posts” and Journey Map Dashboards; Success Criteria Identified and Established; Review Facilitation Guide
  • Map Creation: Stakeholders and Customers participate in the Journey Mapping Session; Customer Journey Map is Created; Map Data Keyed into the Touchpoint Dashboard
  • Map Output and Analysis: Physical Map Produced as Hard Copy and in the Touchpoint Dashboard; Key Insights and Actions Identified; Score, Rank and Prioritize Opportunities and Identify “Deep Drill” needs
  • Presentation: Map, Key Findings and Insights Presented; Action Plan Framework Created


An ‘outside-in, customer-centric’ view using customer journey maps to discover, codify and share relevant information across the customer lifecycle.

Help identify and prioritize specific initiatives to design and deliver experiences to customers to increase sustainable long-term revenue.