Understand Innovation: Naval Information War Center Pacific


NIWC is focused on delivering innovation to the fleet faster. Bringing the right information to the right person at the right time. Being good stewards to our war fighters. To facilitate this focus, the Van Tyne Group worked with the NIWC PAC Technical Development team to develop and facilitate a one-day introductory workshop on innovation tailored to the warfighter needs.


  • Empathy Mapping to help us imagine what our persona is seeing, hearing, doing, thinking, saying and feeling to understand their needs and draw out insights.
  • Journey Mapping to help us visualize the process (phases and steps) that our warfighter persona is going through in order to accomplish their goal.
  • User Storytelling to help us describes what our persona needs to meet their objectives.
  • Story Mapping to help us think through the sequences and dependencies of our user stories for prioritization and release planning.
  • Storyboarding to helps us think through and communicate how our persona would flow through our solution.


Participants walked away with a better understanding of innovation from hands-on experiences applying methods and tools they applied immediately to solving real, current problems.